I'm an entrepreneur, graphic designer, social media marketer & content creator based out of Northern Michigan. I am a mom, wife, and totally obsessed with my 2 pups.

I have created all the content, graphic design, and product photography for my hit subscription box Quirky Crate, and I am very passionate about design in many forms.

From initial concept to execution, I love creating high-quality powerful brand stories through creating logos, packaging, products, flyers, websites, video content, store displays and more!

I am very fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capcut.

Client: www.quirkycrate.com

Brief: Built and maintain Quirky Crate ecommerce Shopify website. All graphics, content, pages created by myself.

Quirky Crate

Art School Coffee Co.

Client: Quirky Headquarters

Brief: Owner of Quirky Headquarters. I remodeled store front by myself in 2020. I developed

entire shop & created all store & window displays.

Instagram: @quirkycrate


Followers: 24.1K

Tiktok: @quirkycrate


Followers 21.2K

Instagram: @mynameisrochelle


Followers: 16.7K

Facebook: Small Town Outlaws


Followers: 4.3K

Social Media Posts

Facebook Cover Photo: Fox Grand Traverse

Social Media Graphic: Fox Grand Traverse

Facebook Cover Photo: Fox Grand Traverse

Social Media Graphic: Small Town Outlaws

Facebook Event Cover Photo: Fox Grand Traverse

Photography for Social Media

Client: Explore Kalkaska

User Generated Content (UGC) made for brands.

Client: Fre Alcohol Free Wine

Brief: Testimonial style video featuring beverage.

Client: Shopify

Brief: Shopify Counter product introduction with solution-based scripting.

Client: The Sick Kit

Brief: TikTok made me buy it style video with a storyline and unboxing.

Client: Otto Studios

Brief: A DIY project reveal-style video featuring Otto Studios wallpaper.

Client: Quirky Crate

Brief: A day in the life style video featuring all the products of February 2023 Quirky Crate.

Client: Quirky Crate

Brief: Turned a negative review into a positive fun content piece.

Client: Glossier.

Brief: ASMR unboxing featuring beauty brand.

Client: Fun Delivered

Brief: Unboxing style video with a humorous twist.

Client: Harry Potter Store NYC

Brief: Vlog style video that includes visit to flagship store.

Client: Turtle Creek Casino Hotel

Brief: Vlog style video that includes visit to hotel for grand opening.

Client: American Dream Mall

Brief: Top vegan food list with ratings.

Client: TC Vietnamese Pho & Boba

Brief: Vlog style video that includes a visit to soft opening.

Client: Quirky Crate

Brief: Flat lays, unboxing & product photos featuring bright colors and solid backgrounds.

Client: Art School Coffee Co.

Brief: Flat lays & product photos featuring warm tones and theme-inspired photo props.